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Here's the prompt I recieved from Europe for the illustrator position, and the work I had a week to do. Would have been amazing to relocate to Paris, but it hasn't worked out this time.
Please find below the assignment points. Overall, please feel free to improvise where needed.

1. Create an illustration (16:9) based on the screenshots located here, please keep in mind the overall aesthetic and tones you see on the portal. 
Illustration should contain;
Multiplayer Action (At least 2 ships)
One of the ships firing
Planes as a second read

2. Create an illustration (16:9) with the attached ( ship in 2 weather conditions
Night and stormy

Surrounding elements such as islands an potentially other ships is a big plus

3. Create a tattoo style WoWS illustration in black and white containing the WoWS logo symbol and ships. 

4. Create a cartoony ship captain, fully illustrated, for a mobile game aimed at 18-25 demographic.