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Lease Aircraft

The idea behind this aircraft is that it is leased to civilians by the government to fill roles like crop dusting, traffic control, etc.
In times of war, these aircraft may be recalled to military bases alongside their pilots, to have their condition examined to undergo reconfiguration to military roles.

Itamar reiner secondpass3d 2

Different view of second pass of concepts

Itamar reiner secondpass3d 1

Further exploration of my favorite design

Itamar reiner first3d

First pass at 3D models

Itamar reiner rough composite

Initial top + side silhouette exploration

Itamar reiner engineroughs

Jet Engine Concepts

Itamar reiner milspecjetengine

Military Jet Engine Render

Itamar reiner civspecjetengine

Civilian Turbofan Engine Render